About Us

MforMariam is an apparel company that deals with providing decent ButtonDown shirts to the women of Pakistan which are trendy and at the same time, modest. All our shirts cover butts and are loose. We believe in providing a great quality product in a reasonable price so that the closet is always full of new clothes and yet it’s not heavy on the pocket! Enjoy shopping with us 🛍

Our Vision

MforMariam is a brand that caters to the apparel wear of women by giving them the best value for their money. The simple idea – to make it easier to find good clothing at reasonable prices and a commitment to do more. Since the beginning, the company has grown exponentially with an increasing response from the customers and a growing product line.

I saw a problem and I wanted to fix it.” Mariam – CEO and C0-founder

Even at a young age, I was always drawn towards fashion. As early as high school, I knew I wanted to do something with apparel and from then I began getting involved in the fashion industry. As I graduated and joined the corporate industry, I realized my other passion was to become an entrepreneur. I simply combined both the ideas to solve a problem that I saw every woman faces in today’s world. From then my journey began and today MforMariam has attained more then I could ever imagine. We initially began to focus on local clientele but ended up getting customers from all around the world. We cover a range of products from something you can wear in the comfort of your home to clothing you can wear out and about. We are a one stop shop for all types of clothing.